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Management techniques to boost team engagement with board portal software

While dedicated software has greatly simplified board life, the use of virtual platform tools has its pitfalls. In particular, the problem of board members’ involvement in the work of the entire board and direct participation in meetings remains relevant. Yes, with more tools for online board meetings, there is no need to travel to the office and sit in the boardroom for hours on end, but many experts point out that the interest of board members in their responsibilities has remained low. How to solve this problem, we tell together with the experts https://board-room.org/.

How to engage with employees through virtual board platforms?

The solution to the problem of low involvement of board members in resolving issues important to the company should be comprehensive. First and foremost, this interest should come from deliberate management responsibilities and an awareness of the importance of one’s role in this process. In second place should be the proper organization of virtual meetings. This part of the problem can be solved fairly quickly with the help of the board portal tools. Specifically, it is solved by the following methods:

  1. Create a public notification center. This can be a virtual bulletin board, where you can post major news from the life of the company, notifications of upcoming meetings, distribution of responsibilities among specific members of the board and more. An important point – in such an announcement center, you can place not only official news from the life of the company, but also less formal notifications.
  2. Pay attention to design. For news content design, you can use not only standard official fonts, but also add some elements of interactivity. So you can attract attention, and read the important information will be a little easier. But again, do not forget that we are talking about the design of official data, so it is important not to overdo it.
  3. Set up options for communication. This can be accomplished with more than just a group or individual chat messaging system. Discussions about company news can be framed along the lines of social media – add interactive voting buttons, comments, or other forms of expressing your vision or attitude toward the news.
  4. Give employees the opportunity to join a club of interest. The easiest way to establish corporate communication with a touch of informality is through group chats. You can create them both at the department level and for special working groups created for the solution of this or that problem. This way you can organize more effective communication with higher involvement within the company without excessive formalism.
  5. Create a support center. Learning the features of a virtual platform for the board of directors can take some time. Therefore, for a smoother and more efficient implementation of new software, as well as for the adaptation of new employees, you can create a kind of support center with shared access, where you can collect frequently asked questions and answers to them.

The interest of board members can be raised with simple board portal software options. The main thing is to adapt them to the needs of your company.