What Is AMD Cleanup Utility

AMD cleanup utility is an official service for the complete removal of AMD graphics card drivers. Correctly cleanses the system from all Catalyst elements, and also eliminates entries about the driver from the registry. Also, if necessary, it will clear the system of the audio driver included in Catalyst. 

Detailed description

AMD, like other leading manufacturers of video adapters and software. In recent years strives to keep up with competitors in the race for leadership in the market of computer components for processing multimedia 3D graphics. Putting a lot of effort into mastering new technologies and providing users with the best products. New releases of software for GPUs are released monthly, and often more than once. 

The set of AMD Catalyst audio/video operators and applications is no exception and is updated quite often, offering new features to the owners of video cards. There are unforeseen cases when the AMD Catalyst installer fails to update the previous driver to the latest version. This situation can be caused by a banal system failure or the result of interference with the structure of the installed driver by third-party software. 

The AMD Clean Uninstall Utility functionality provides the most correct way out of the above-described situation. The utility is an official development of AMD and is recommended by the Catalyst developers. The utility is able to prepare the system for the installation of updated drivers. It also removes registry key enumerations created as a result of using several different video cards. 

How to use AMD Cleanup Utility

To start the process, run amdcleanuputility-x64.exe or amdcleanuputility-x86.exe, depending on the bitness of your Windows system. 

  • A spring-up message will seem to caution you to run the utility in Windows Safe Mode. Select this option or continue uninstalling normally. 
  • A spring-up message will at that point seem to caution that AMD Cleanup system has all operators and programming segments. Snap OK.
  • At that point, the application will be limited to the framework plate, and the advancement of the activity will be shown as spring-up messages.
  • The erasure interaction will occur behind the scenes. To see the current improvement, drift your cursor over the AMD symbol in the framework plate. 
  • Consideration: while the uninstallation cycle, the screen may flash or seem dark for some time. This is typical while implementing new rules.
  • After the cancellation is finished, an instructive message will show up. You can see the report or leave the program.
  • To complete the uninstallation, click “Finish” and select “Yes” to restart your computer. 


In the event that you experience an issue with the utility, you can utilize reestablish focuses to return your framework to a previous state. The actual utility makes another point prior to playing out the cleanup. They constantly answer such questions like this. Here is the message AMD Catalyst Control Center does not start, or starts, but without color, brightness, contrast settings.